Dominion Farms grows, packs and ships carrots, onions, beets and parsnips from Canada and the USA and is proud to be the longest running distributor in Ontario.

Located in Bradford, Ontario (Canada), Dominion Farms ships year-round from our state of the art packing facility to retail and wholesale customers in Ontario and Quebec. At the Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto, Dominion Citrus and Streef Produce distributes our products to independents, small chains and wholesalers. Dominion also exports to the USA, South America and the Carribbean.

Nino Tomizza spent 50 years of his life building customer relationships with quality and service second to none.

Second generation has now taken the reigns as his son Tony, with 30 years experience as General Manager.

Dennie Moser is in charge of growing operations, procurement and food safety and has been with Dominion for over twenty years.

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Daily Bread Food Bank

Sorting food at the Daily Bread Food Bank.

MPP Caroline Mulroney and friends help sort food with Dominion Farms for the Daily Bread Food Bank.

BBT 2021 Agricultural Award Nomination

BBT 2021 Agricultural Award Winner

Dominion Farms WINS BBT 2021 Agricultural Award

Congratulations! Dominion Farms has won the Agricultural Award for the 2021 Business Excellence Awards!


Learn 10 perfect fall soup recipes from Jennifer at

A delicious round-up some perfect Fall soup recipes from the Seasons and Suppers recipe archives, sure to warm you up on these cooler days.

Readers of Seasons and Suppers surely know that I love soup! I’m sure it has a lot to do with the long stretch of cool/cold weather we enjoy here in Canada, but I also love the endless variety of flavours and textures. I like to think I can make a soup out of anything and by the looks of my recipe archives, I pretty much have :)

I thought I’d take a look back at some of the great soups ...

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Anyone can grow carrots...just not with the same taste of our Country Fresh Brand® carrots. Using growing techniques refined from over 50-years in the industry, combined with our food safety practices, we deliver high-quality carrots to stores around the globe for comsumers like yourself to enjoy.

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Yellow cooking onions are grown locally and our season runs from august and then stored until May.

Red onions are available locally from August to April. Red onions have a purple skin and white flesh inside. They are built to sweat in flavour and heat.

SUPERFOOD ALERT: Onions can help fight cancer, study reveals.

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Dominion Farm Produce grows, packs and ships delicious parsnips under the Country Fresh Brand®. We distribute to local grocery stores as well as multi-national grocer chains.

A root vegetable related to the carrot that has creamy-coloured skin and flesh. Parsnips are sweet and quite versatile. Roast them with beef, add them to stews, slice them long ways and bbq, fried in butter or smashed.

Our "snips" are available from late August and stored through May/June.

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Dominion Farm Produce grows, packs and ships delicious red beets under the Country Fresh Brand®. We distribute to local grocery stores as well as multi-national grocer chains.

Locally grown red beets are one of the healthiest root vegetables in the world and are available from August and stored up until April.

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