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BBT 2021 Awards Nomination

Dominion Farms Nominated for BBT 2021 Agricultural Award

Congratulations! Dominion Farms has been nominated for an award for the 2021 Business Excellence Awards!

Salvation Army

Railside Volunteers Share Stories of Volunteering on the Front Lines of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for many. Community members, business owners and many others have felt a massive blow to their core structures and routines in recent months.

The Salvation Army is no different as they face their own struggles to maintain essential services that carry out their mission.

Daily Bread Food Bank Award - Best in Class

Daily Bread Food Bank Best in Class Award: Harvest Hero.

Congratulations on Dominion Farm Produce’s Best in Class Award: Harvest Hero.

Thank you again for your extraordinary commitment and passion for making Toronto a better place for everyone.

Daily Bread Food Bank - Best in Class Award Daily Bread Food Bank - Best in Class Award

Email from The Daily Bread Food Bank

A special thank you video for you

Dear Anthony,

Dominion Farm Produce is a vital supporter of Daily Bread Food Bank and we want to say thank you in a way we hope you find meaningful.

Here's a link to a video that demonstrates how you have brought hope to thousands of people.

History of Dominion Farm Produce

CBC News Posted: Nov 22, 2017

'A natural thing to do.' Farmers ramp up donations of un-sellable, but edible, produce

Dominion Farms in Bradford, Ont., one of increasing number of farms diverting fruits and veggies to food banks.

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History of Dominion Farm Produce

Daily Bread Food Bank

Food Industry Donor of the Year

"Supporting Daily Bread Food Bank since 2007, Dominion Farms Produce understand the importance of providing nutritious food and each week Daily Bread is able to depend on them through their regular donations of healthy and fresh produce. To date, they have donated over 1.5 million pounds worth of food donations! We are so excited to announce, Dominion Farm Produce for winning the 2015 Food Industry Donor Award!"

History of Dominion Farm Produce

"We at Dominion Farms are extremely honoured and humbled to have been chosen Food Industry Donor of the Year," said Tony Tomizza, General Manager. "For almost ten years, we have been blessed to be able to donate fresh, locally grown carrots and onions weekly. Dominion Farms will continue to support the wonderful folks at the food bank who work so hard to help 90,000 hungry every year."



History of Dominion Farm Produce History of Dominion Farm Produce History of Dominion Farm Produce

Dominion Farms opened its current location in 1965 in Bradford. Dissette Street was opened up specifically to house the new processing, packing, storage and shipping facility.

Dominion needed a central depot where many smaller growers could bring their vegetables to be packed and distributed. Nino Tomizza wanted the use of fresh, cold, safe town water to wash the marsh crops and needed to be in town so that CN Railway could deliver railcars of carrots and potatoes right to its location.

In 1973 Nino and Louis Devald signed a joint-venture agreement where Gro-Pak Farms would take care of growing, storage and harvesting 185 acres of crops and Dominion would process, grade, pack and market the crops.

Dominion has and continues to expand and update its storage, cooling and packing facility throughout the years always keeping quality and service at the forefront.




Dominion Farm Produce independently owns and operates several farms primarily located in the Holland Marsh in southern Ontario. We also have long-standing, joint-venture agreements to provide us with even more acrage to farm and grow the highest quality produce in the world.

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Food safety is extremely important at Dominion Farm Produce to ensure the fresh vegetables you buy from us are of the best quality. We are long-standing members and are audited by the Canadian Horticultural Council for our HACCP based food safety system. .

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